Gasthaus on Queen: A Form of Self-Care

Gasthaus on Queen is a new Austrian-German restaurant in the heart of Melbourne, and since it opened just over a week ago, I had been really looking forward to visiting and trying out their deliciously tempting menu. Well, I got the opportunity to last night, and I am so very glad that I did.

I had during the afternoon completed the practical training component of a Mental Health First Aid certification course, and part of what was discussed during the session was the importance of self-care. I couldn’t think of a better way to ‘debrief’ and engage in some self-care after the training session, than to visit Gasthaus on Queen.

“Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul.”

– Malcolm S. Forbes

Right from the very beginning when during the week I booked the table, I could feel the genuine care for the experience of their guests. You know how sometimes, the customer service when you ring up to make a booking can feel quite ‘robotic’ and lacking interest that someone is wishing to book a table? When it came to booking for last night, throw that image swiftly and completely out the window. Tobi the restaurant manager was so engaging and full of courtesy. This certainly amongst the thought of the delicious food waiting to be tried, had me telling so many people about Gasthaus on Queen.

From the moment I arrived at the restaurant, I felt myself relaxing, as though weights were being lifted from my shoulders. From the modern décor, ambient music and atmosphere, (nothing kitsch about the Gasthaus, but full of authentic cooking) to the friendliness and professionalism of staff, not to mention the food, I genuinely felt like I was for a few hours back in Münster, Germany (or so many other places in Germany) where I lived for 3 years.

As Tobi explained at one point during the evening, for them it is important that the customer doesn’t feel like a ‘customer’ but instead feel like a guest. I know you might be thinking what is the difference, but visit the Gasthaus, and you will experience first-hand what I mean. This is something I experienced a lot when I lived in Germany. My friend and I, were certainly made to feel as if we were guests, akin to if you have friends or guests come over to your house, where people sit around catching up over a gorgeously prepared food. This is the best way I can describe the way I felt throughout the night. I wasn’t made to feel rushed (except for when someone else was dying for the Nachspeisen / dessert menu and I hadn’t finished my main meal – and that is a whole different story 😊)

Cooking with love provides food for the soul

– Unknown

There were so many tempting choices on the menu (check it out here). In the end I decided on:


“Braised cabbage roll, stuffed with minced meat, tomato sauce, bacon, potato mash” (I swapped the potato mash with potato gratin)

I’ve been meaning for awhile to try and make Krautroulade at home, but being on my own, it is one of those “I’ll make it another day” kind of dishes. A friend of mine who lives in Münster messaged me when she saw I was going to the Gasthaus and viewed the menu, telling me to try the Krautroulade. She explained that they also have a similar dish in Poland, and that it is very tasty. I’m so glad I took her advice as it was sehr lecker (very tasty). The other options I was trying to decide between also looked so good as well.


“Traditional Austrian egg soufflé, Stroh 80% rum soaked raisins, plum ragout, vanilla ice cream”

What can I say about this amazing dish? It was divine. I was intrigued by this dish when I saw pictures of it on their Facebook page, but after they posted about the history of Kaiserschmarrn on their Facebook page yesterday afternoon, they sold it to me.

Did I mention the bread? German bread in my view is the best in the world, and you can’t beat it. One bite and you are in heaven. . . . .

Thank you, Tobi and the front of house team, for making my friend and my visit to Gasthaus on Queen a truly pleasurable experience. Your whole dynamics, professionalism and friendly personalities truly were reflected by the outstanding experience we had. Christian and the back of house team, thank you as well. The care, passion and attention to detail that went into each of the meals you prepared were evident by the quality of the meals, and all the satisfied guests (Everywhere I looked were lots of smiling faces, who enjoyed their meals).

I’m already planning my calendar for more trips back here, and introducing other friends to the delights of Gasthaus on Queen. If you live in Melbourne or planning to visit, I recommend you get to know the team and delicious meals of Gasthaus on Queen. I can’t wait for glühwein / mulled wine season to start in June

Gasthaus on Queen

211 Queen Street Melbourne, VIC 3000

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