Combating Pandemic Fatigue

Original colour wheel image by Annie Spratt

I don’t know about you, but the last 18 months and 5 lockdowns in Melbourne later, I have really struggled with Pandemic Fatigue.  I know this wasn’t helped by trying to start and complete my post graduate studies in Career Development Practices over the last 12 months (I’m over the moon that I have now finished my Graduate Certificate, but it has come at a cost). Last weekend of burning the candles at both ends, desperately trying to complete final assignments, left me completely exhausted.

Have you been feeling of late or for a while any of these feelings?

  • Fatigued
  • Irritable
  • Lacking enthusiasm
  • Forgetful
  • Worn-out
  • Restless
  • Low in energy

I’ll be honest and put my hand up and say yep, I can tick off all these feelings, some lasted for only brief periods of time, and some were long term. I don’t believe it is something to be ashamed of admitting that I hit the wall when it comes to Pandemic Fatigue.

The Australian National Mental Health Commission has some interesting social media resources and tip sheets which are downloadable from Pandemic Fatigue – National Mental Health Commission about this topic.

Some tips include:

  • Get Regular Exercise
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Stay Connected
  • Take a Media Break & Disconnect from Technology (except to send some thank yous from well-wishers about my course completion & snap some pics)

I’m feeling extremely grateful that during the latest lockdown 5.0 here in Melbourne, I was already staying in the city looking after my friends’ cat, so I’ve been blessed this time with a pet companion, which I didn’t have during the previous lockdowns. It has also meant that the 5km radius I could travel for our daily 2 hours of exercise aka being allowed out of the apartment, has given me other sights to discover (I’ll admit, by the end of last year I had pretty well got to know every tree and rock in my own neighbourhood).

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend who lives within my 5km permitted travel zone, and we had a lovely social distance catch up, whilst we walked around the botanical gardens with her adorable pup. This really helped pick me up, and I felt so much emotionally and physically lighter afterwards, almost like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It really lifted my spirit.

The gorgeous illustrations are by Grace Helmer

At the start of the year, I had picked up this interesting card pack, with 50 prompts/challenges to help you see/experience locations from a different perspective, and the card I chose for Sunday’s walk was:

Illustrated by Grace Helmer

And that is exactly what I did! Below are some of the colours I experienced on my journey on Sunday plus last night.

Red – the vibrant ‘tent’ sculpture near where I’m staying in the Docklands; the gorgeous flowers by the café in the botanical gardens where we were able to grab a much-needed cup of take away coffee; the vibrant reds and orange tones as the sun was setting last night.

Tent Sculpture?
Spot of colour in the botanical garden

Yellow – the yellow on the vintage city circle tram; the umbrellas on the Southbank waiting for people to be able to sit under them again; the flowers by the water feature outside the National Gallery Victoria (NGV), the ‘yellow’ sandstone colour of the Langham along the Southbank.

Southbank on a quiet Sunday afternoon

Green – The plants and grass that looked so vibrant, especially after being housebound last weekend (they also gave me hope that spring is only 5 weeks away; the distinctive green of the vintage city circle tram

Purple – The colours of the windows on buildings in the Docklands; pansies and some other plants in the botanical gardens; the colour of my friends’ dog lead

I love this pic of such a beautiful and playful pup

Orange – The burnt orange/brick colour of the rocks scattered across the bottom of the water feature in front of the NGV, the way the light danced across them and sparkled as the water rippled over them was truly mesmerising; the pattern of the walkway from the Southbank to the NGV. How often do we really stop to look at the footpath?

Blue – The blue of the sky as it peeked out from behind the white fluffy clouds; the vibrant blue of the boat moored outside of my home away from home; the pale blue exterior of apartment buildings, the pale blue of the water feature as it reflected back an iconic image

Greys – the adorable drawing that someone (I’m guessing a child, but I could be completely mistaken) drew on the pavement – again, how often do we stop to check out the pavement? The black and silver ball sculpture in the botanical garden; not to mention that awesome wave sculpture on the way to the NGV!

I also continued last night, and had to take these pics from my balcony. How amazing does the water and reflections sparkling look? Not to mention the amazing moon last night as it rose behind the buildings.

This challenge has made me appreciate my surroundings in a different way, which has certainly so far this week, helped me to be more productive at work! Why not try this challenge, for yourself?

I hope no matter where you are, that you are keeping safe and well

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