Jenn’s contagious enthusiasm & energy, her profound passion & incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding a career that is not only right for you but fulfilling and takes into consideration all aspects of your life, is truly outstanding.

By asking just the right questions and then being an empathetic, pro-active listener, Jenn won’t leave a stone unturned to help you find a (new) career path that suits you & your circumstances & then supply you with amazing information that will help you explore your options & take the first step.

I was contemplating a “twist” in my career & Jenn couldn’t be more helpful and encouraging. Having known her for a while, I was aware that she constantly updates her knowledge and participates in professional developments to further her skills, in particular, in career coaching and having a holistic approach.

This certainly shines through in her work. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Jenn whenever you or someone you know feels like a change in a career or a completely new one is needed – even if you are just looking for inspiration.

Oh, almost forgot: Jenn’s poignant humor also helps to make you feel comfortable, at ease and enjoying the process!

LinkedIn Recommendation: C. Löber-Raab, Sept 2021

Dear Jenn,

I wanted to write this letter to thank you for what you have done for my family and I.

You have brought back my ability to self-advocate & know what I need to target, to head towards my next chapter after service.

Thanks Jenn, for taking the time to explain all of your qualifications, experience & currency before providing me support. Your transparency made me feel very comfortable making an informed decision where I sort my career support.

If only I had been able to access this type of mentorship & self-discovery, in conjunction with my career whilst serving, & empower me to make a decision to transition with confidence at the best time for my family & I.

I am so grateful to you. If only people could understand how closely this self-discovery is linked to good mental health & wellbeing.

Thanks again,

Client Feedback: LG, WO2 Australian Army, 30 Apr 2021

Jenn is an excellent Career Development Coach that customizes her coaching sessions to meet client needs. As an Army Senior Non-Commissioned Officer looking for some Career Transition training, Jenn volunteered her own time to help me work on my Resume and Cover Letter. She drafted an excellent dossier that included key tips when drafting a Resume, analysing position descriptions, pitching professional experiences and also succeeding at interviews. Working with Jenn has also resulted in multiple external agencies showing a keen interest in my skills and experience. I highly recommend Jenn’s coaching and mentoring.

LinkedIn Recommendation: S. Sawant, Jan 2021

Jenn is professional and passionate in her approach to Career Development. Her ability to interact on a personal level and really understand her clients needs is excellent. She made me feel relaxed and able to discuss all avenues towards developing a new career path to achieve a successful career transition in the future. I would highly recommend Jenn to anyone looking for career development and guidance at the highest level

Client Feedback: Army Major – Australian Defence Force, Sept 2020

It makes a big difference to see what career coaching can be like. The factors considered in these sessions were so comprehensive. So worthwhile for informing me of all things to consider in deciding on a future employment pathway or change. I have appreciated this so much.

Client Feedback: WO1 – Australian Defence Force, Sept 2020

Jenn was really empathetic and listened to what I am going through. She followed up on providing resources and web links quickly, and took the time to really get to know my needs and work on a plan of action with me.

Client Feedback: AF, United Kingdom, Sept 2020

Jenn is a very passionate professional with a wealth of experience in career transition planning, who can help anyone to make occupational and study decisions through career coaching.

LinkedIn Recommendation: A. Ivanova, Sept 2020

I had the pleasure of working with Jenn for the last three years both with Max Employment Solutions and the Australian Defence Force. What made Jenn stand out is her dedication, commitment, and perseverance towards her role. She is not only a great mentor and an amazing colleague but a wonderful person with great work ethics, who is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected to help others.

LinkedIn Recommendation: S. Noujaim, Sept 2020

I had the pleasure of working with Jenn at Evocca College where we both held the role of Learning Coach. Jenn is an excellent trainer with a passion for helping her students achieve their best. To this end, Jen always went above and beyond what was required to assist. not only her students. but her team members as well. She shows great patience; can provide for a wide range of student needs; is very approachable and is reliable and trustworthy.

LinkedIn Recommendation: C. Thurecht, Sept 2020

You certainly have helped me get my head into my resume and transitioning.

Thank you for putting in a lot of work for me.

After our discussions, and the labour market information you sent me, I can see the importance of aligning my skills, needs, interests and values to future work options.

I’ve looked at the information and was surprised how job roles are predicted to change over the next 10 years. This is really useful, and am now considering other career options post transition

Client Feedback: Army Major – Australian Defence Force, July 2020

Hi Jenn,

Great timing. I have actually been meaning to email you!  

I got accepted for Nursing. I am so excited. I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me. It helped me find the courage to take on a whole new challenge / chapter. Our conversation made me realise where I truly want to invest my time / what doing and how I would get there. 

Thanks again Jenn, for taking the time to help and support me with this decision.

Client Feedback: KR – Wangaratta, Vic, Australia, Jun 2020
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