Hope-Centred Approach

People have been asking me why I love Hope-Action Theory and how I use it to support clients’ lifelong career development (It also helped me personally to develop and sustain actionable hope during lockdowns in Melbourne, & not to give up on plans for meeting overseas in 2023 with someone I care deeply about, after several years of global interruptions) 😊

So what’s it all about?

This clip I took at the beach on a weekend helps to visualise the Hope Action Theory (HAT) model.

You see, hope is the anchor at the centre of the pinwheel. There is no glue, but it is a mechanism which enables the wings (competencies) to move around as they are impacted by the air (environement).

Sometimes the air will move the wings quickly, sometimes slowly, backwards or even like in the clip appear to stop and struggle to move forward – but do you notice that the pinwheel does start to spin again – that is the power of Hope Action Theory

Just like the pinwheel, sometimes it helps to pause (self-reflection), maybe have a backswing to gain self-clarity in order to move forward again.

HAT Competencies (Wings of the pinwheel)
🔸️ Self-Clarity
🔸️ Visioning
🔸️ Goal Setting & Planning
🔸️ Implementing
🔸️ Adapting
🔹️ Environmental impact (internal & external)

It is evidenced based, person-centred, de-stigmatises mental health issues & empowers clients to self-advocate & take ownership of recovery / career journey

This is why as a Professional Qualified Career Development Practitioner, I love the power of Hope Action Theory embedded in conjunction with Active/Creative intervention strategies (tools, resources) & other contemporary #careertheories (where appropriate) woven in to help people develop sustainable hope and lifelong career development / career management

Hope Action Theory & Military Career Transitions

In terms of military personnel transitions who are medical and/or retiring from the force’s  (Hayden & Buzzetta, 2014, p. 56) stated that theories that focus on the client’s perception of themselves, the environment and others around them, address the career management needs and challenges of veterans with disabilities. I would extend this for all military transitions. Hope Action Theory strongly meets this criterion.

** The term veteran has many different meanings depending on what country you are located in. For clarity, throughout this site, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and British Armed Forces, definition is used: That being any person who has served at least one active day of service in the armed forces is considered a veteran.

Some challenges that veterans may face in relation to their career planning and career decision-making include: (Many challenges not confined to only one competency / Not all veterans experience following challenges)

Self-Reflection Competency

  • Loss of self-identity
  • Ongoing medical physiological and/or psychological conditions
  • Changing structures / Life roles
  • Cultural change – Feeling of being ‘institutionalised’

    Self-Clarity Competency
  • Translating military experience to civilian employment

    Visioning Competency
  • Labour market information – Awareness of current/future trends of industries locally, national and globally

    Goal Setting & Planning Competencies
  • Awareness of workplace Laws & Legislations to protect their rights and personal safety, also an understanding of their responsibilities

    Implementing Competency
  • Job planning skills and strategies

  • Stresses of 21st century life, including the impact that COVID-19 is having on employment and mental health issues not only in Australia, but globally.


Hayden, S. & Buzzetta, M., 2014. Hope for the Future: Career Counseling for Military Personnel and Veterans with Disabilities. Career Planning & Adult Development Journal, 30(3), pp. 52-64

Niles, S., Amundson, N., Neault, R. & Yoon, H. J., 2020. Career Recovery: Creating Hopeful Careers in Difficult Times. San Diego(California): Cognella Academic Publishing

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