About Me

Jenn Barfield – Career Development Practitioner

My early career background had been in teaching ranging from Primary School through to Adult Learners, over the space of 20+ years in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany, before transitioning to my role as a Career Development Practitioner.  My passion is building meaningful professional relationships with people, which provides a basis for working and empathising with them as they are empowered to navigate successful career transitions.

Ideally I would love to be able to offer support to current and former military personnel in Australia and Germany with their transitions from military to civilian life.

As a former Military spouse, I faced the challenges of adapting to life in a military environment, away from my family and country where I grew up.  Supporting my former husband’s postings, including living in Germany for three years with a British Forces contingent, and his later struggles during his transition to civilian life and relocation back to Australia, meant that I had to give up my chosen teaching career, leaving me with a sense of loss of identity. I struggled for some time to discover how to describe skills and knowledge from teaching as transferrable to other career pathways, taking roles as varied as office administration, e-Learning, career coaching and adult literacy coaching. In recent years I have experienced redundancy, and worked through the emotions and issues raised for me.  

All of these experiences and skills, I bring to my role as an experienced Career Development Practitioner, in particular in providing holistic mindfulness/wellbeing career exploration, for career change. My expertise includes career coaching support for those who are;

  • military transitions
  • military spouses
  • going through career crises
  • facing redundancy
  • exploring being “empty nesters”
  • new retirees

Delivery of career coaching is in one-on-one and group coaching sessions, but I am also experienced developing and delivering group presentations and workshops relating to career exploration and wellbeing.  

I utilise the knowledge and experiences of living in three different countries and working across a variety of industries and careers to empathise with clients what they are working through, and enhance my delivery of career coaching.

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