Have a ‘No Plans’ Day & See How it Feels

Today’s action from Action for Happiness Org’s calendar was exactly what I needed. One of my team colleagues gifted our department at the end of the 2021 gift certificates for ‘pick your own sunflowers’ at a farm located outside of Melbourne.

Today was the day we had picked to go, regardless of the weather. The date and session time were the only plans we made. Those of us who could make it attended, others will go on when they are able to.

I’ll admit, with less than 2 hours sleep, due to strong winds overnight and heavy rain, I didn’t feel like going. I just wanted to stay curled up in bed in my own little world. But, I didn’t want to let my colleague who is a dear friend down, so I got myself up and dressed ready for our car trip. I’m so glad that I did. It really helped me move forward from my feelings of sadness I have been experiencing lately.

With no set agenda, 12 of us were free to roam and wander soaking up the atmosphere, and selecting our own sunflowers to pick. It was so relaxing being in the moment, and despite the weather, we all said we could have stayed there longer. They seemed to enjoy a bit of gnome spotting. Every time they would lose sight of me amongst the taller sunflowers, I would hear:

“Hey Jenn, are you here” or “Hey Jenn lift your arms in the air”

Today certainly lifted the spirits of everyone, some who had come to Australia many years ago as refugees from war torn regions, and who find themselves thinking of memories and feelings of their lived experiences as a result of the current conflicts. Others have family directly impacted by what is happening in Ukraine.

As one of my colleagues said.

“Despite the grey clouds being like the sadness and uncertainty in the world, the sunflowers reaching for the sky, give us hope for a brighter and happier future”

This brought to mind, my trip to the Lume, Van Gogh exhibition on New Years Day. On that day, despite Omicron rampaging throughout the land, and overseas, I felt a sense of realistic optimism for 2022, and my plans – sitting “in a painting of a cafe”, made me feel like I was almost in Europe!

“How Lovely Yellow Is! It Stands For The Sun”

Vincent Van Gogh

Yellow’s Meaning: Bright | Vibrant | Youthful | Energetic | Sunshine | Hope | Intellect | Happiness

Have you ever noticed things that are associated or are yellow make you feel or think about any of these?

So here I am now at the end of the day with these beautiful reminders of a wonderful day, despite all the uncertainties, and concerns facing us on a personal and global level. These are the last thing I will see before going to sleep, and the first thing I will see when I wake up – and with this, I send my thoughts to everyone impacted by the conflict in Ukraine

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