Creative Career Coaching

I’m loving ‘Creative Career Coaching’ – Theory into Practice by Liane Hambly & Ciara Bomford, one of my more recent additions to my home library.

Creative Career Coaching theory really resonates with me, as I naturally draw on techniques etc from my teaching background amongst other skills & experiences to add to my career practitioner toolkit. As Hambly & Bomford say on viii of the preface:

“Creative approaches can include the use of metaphor, visualisation, games, diagrams, research, role play, mindfulness, drawing & digital tools. Coaches also draw on techniques from counselling, guidance & teaching, including cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing (MI), solution-focused therapy, social pedagogy & narrative counselling. Creative practitioners are constantly innovating, trying out new approaches and reflecting on their practice to refine it and adapt to a range of clients.”

Career coaches require many skills, knowledge, attitudes & values, including for example knowledge of current labour market trends & career development theories as well as models. All of these equip a coach with a toolkit that enables them to have the ability to move a client forward in their career exploration, & management in ways that chatting to a friend, family member, teacher or employer cannot.

Continual professional development is essential for a career coach to continue expanding and refining their toolkit, in order to provide quality coaching support that is individualised to the specific needs of the client.

I am so glad, that I have added ‘Creative Career Coaching’ to my library.

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