Altruistic August

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – Aesop

August’s daily actions from ‘Action for Happiness Org’s’ calendars are included to help a person be kinder to themselves and others, which is based on the key of Giving: Do things for others.

Giving does not need to mean about giving money. Some other ways of giving include: kind words, smile, thoughtful gesture, giving time, skills, attention.

Related actions are:

  • Action 2 – Do kind things for others
  • Action 12 – Volunteer your time, energy & skills
  • Action 14 – Help out a friend in need
  • Action 15 – Make something happen for a good cause

You can get further information on related actions from the website link below

Calendars are available in PDF & jpeg format in the following languages (what a great way to brush up or learn new language skills)

* Arabic
* Chinese
* Danish
* Dutch
* French
* German
* Greek
* Hungarian
* Italian
* Japanese
* Lithuanian
* Polish
* Portuguese
* Spanish
* Turkish

Photo by Spencer Selover on

Happiness Fact: Giving is good for you

“When we give to others it activates the areas of the brain associated with pleasure, social connections & trust. Altruistic behaviour releases endorphins in the brain & boosts happiness for us as well as the people we help.” – Action for Happiness.Org

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