What Do You Do Well?

“Notice the things you do well today, however small” an action from this month’s action for happiness calendar, but how often do you make the time to consciously notice the things you do well during the day in your personal life & work?

Why not join me & extend this action of self-care to focus on during the week? This is my plan for focusing on noticing the things I will do well during the upcoming week.

* Make some time each day to spend a couple of minutes jotting down what I did well (this is not going to be in detail, just bullet points which will act as a reminder later).

* Mid & end of week, I will choose 3 – 5 bullet points from above, & brainstorm all of the skills & knowledge I used that resulted in doing something well.

* From this I suspect, I will have identified transferable skills & knowledge that I may use on a regularly basis, taking them for granted without thinking about previously.

Why not take this activity further, & once you have identified your list of transferable skills, consider how these could be used in other occupations &/or hobbies that you may not have previously thought about.

This activity may be helpful for people considering a career change.

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