Change Your Normal Routine – How do You Feel?

Since Action for Happiness’s calendar this month is based on the key of learning new things, I’ve started off the month by trying a couple of new things. Some semi-intentional, and another completely by accident.

Accidental Coffee Experimentation:
I should have known that yesterday was set to be an eventful day when my morning started with an unplanned addition to my coffee. Note to self: Always pay attention to labels!! Usually I put a dash of cinnamon or mixed spice into my coffee instead of sugar…. mixed spice was next to the jar of Chinese 5 spices in the pantry. Guess what flavour my coffee ended up with… 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Changing what I have come to consider my ‘normal routine’ i.e. wfh & being in lockdown, saw me head into Melbourne. Yesterday was the first time I had ventured into Melbourne since July, when Lockdown 2.0 begun, & I last was down along the Southbank of the Yarra at the beginning of February, before I started working from home in March. I’ll admit that it did feel very surreal, & as I crossed the Westgate Bridge, I felt a bit like a rabbit in the headlights. To have seen the city skyline from a distance for so long, & suddenly finding myself amongst the surroundings with small crowd of people, I felt a bit like a tourist, not sure how what to do.

I realise that it will take a little while for not only myself but other people to navigate around their changing routines, whether it is the gradual easing of restrictions or moving into a second round of lockdown. Be kind to each other, because although collectively you may be sharing the same restrictions etc as other people, no two experiences are the same.

On a lighter note, it felt after so long being at home,  like I had also forgotten how long it takes to get ready or even how to put on lipstick, I don’t think I ended up looking too much like a Picasso painting! 😂😂😂

It was fantastic to be able to spend time face to face with ‘real people’ once again sitting outside in the sun at Hopscotch on the Southbank. There was so much to take in, & what a wonderful feeling it was, just sitting there, chatting, laughing with friends over a glass of wine, whilst all the time responsibly socially distancing. I was excited to be seeing friends again, but also I’ll be honest, a little bit nervous at first.

I hadn’t had a chance in the morning to go for my walk as part of the 96km in 30 days challenge, so instead, I decided that since I was already in the city, I would do a short walk on my own (wrong shoes for walking a long distance) along the Yarra for sunset.

I’m so glad that I did, & set off walking along a part/side of the river that I haven’t walked before. It really was a new experience, & I was amazed how different the city looked from a different perspective. It was so refreshing to be able to sit along the river bank in the late afternoon, & reflect on the last 6 months, & what I am looking forward to in the future, professionally & personal goals.

Standing on the bridge watching the sunset, brought memories to the surface of a very special & wonderful evening in March last year, dining and strolling slowly afterwards along the Southbank with amazing company.

Since I didn’t have to get home in a rush, I decided to retrace those steps.

I can’t explain why, but strolling once again the path along the river, & rediscovering where we stood next to the sculpture that throws the flames high into the air, & all the delightful happy memories of that night, was so therapeutic. Something that I needed after all the months of lockdown.

Despite currently being dormant, the flame statue, brought back warm happy memories of a special evening

That night in March last year was unintentionally life changing for me for the better both personally & professionally, & although COVID-19 has impacted my plans, putting some things on hold, I am looking forward once again to moving forward once able to.

I loved catching up with my friends after such a long time, but my solo walk of relieving wonderful memories meant so much to me. A perfect way to end a wonderful day of new experiences.

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