‘Hippy Feel-Good Vibe’ – Long Hoped for Work Team Catch Up

I had an amazing time on Thursday night with wonderful friends who are also my work team mates, and who feel like one big blended family. After 8 months of not being able to spend time together face to face, because of COVId-19 restrictions and 2 lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia, it was a truly magical feeling being able to come together once again, to celebrate someone’s upcoming 50th birthday.

Another friend commented on this picture saying that the joy of being able to meet up with my team after 8 months was written on my face. I think they are right.

It was what we needed after so long in lockdown, especially the 2nd one which was hard and long, going from July through towards the end of October. It was pretty short notice arrangement for our get together, as until the beginning of December, we didn’t know if COVID-19 restrictions would be further relaxed, and would allow us all to meet up together. To be honest, after Lockdown 2.0 kept getting extended into October, I really thought we would not all be able to meet up again until 2021, but we all helped each other to sustain hope during these challenging times.

These amazing women have been my rock during Lockdown, one is also our boss. I’m so grateful to be working with such wonderful people

We all agreed that having a fancy dressed 70s theme, really helped to elevate the celebrations to a whole other level.

Most of our team & some family members

Our team was close before COVID-19, and throughout the many months of lockdown, although apart, we have looked out for each other, supporting and helping wherever possible – pulling together closer as a team. One thing that people in our team have said, is how much more they have gotten to know each other over the last 8 months. Throughout this year, we have kept communication open, making time to ‘just chat’ about non work conversations. This I believe, has helped maintain a sense of ‘normal’ and appreciation of what others were going through.

One of the most genuine and kind hearted people I’ve every gotten to know

I know personally for me, being stuck in lockdown on my own, it was my friends from work, plus some other friends who helped me stay positive, and focused. They have been great with supporting me not only with work, but also my postgraduate studies (even though my studies will eventually lead me away from these amazing people) and my personal life in general.

Some of the comments that were said about our catch up.

“I haven’t had this much fun for a long time.”

“ Great food, great company, positive vibes & lots of love & laughter in the room”

“I’m really glad everyone had so much fun. Now we have a really good memory together for 2020, after many months of hard lockdown”

Let the hippy feel good vibe continue throughout 2021 – though I’m not sure I’ll take up the dare from some of them to turn up to Induction day for the 2021 Academic year dressed in my hippy gear!!

My thoughts are for everyone going through very challenging COVID-19 situations overseas. I know lockdown is hard, but it really did help to flatten the curve here in Melbourne. 🙏🙏

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