Serendipity 2

I’ve written a post previously about unplanned happenstance and serendipity, and now I have another example.

Is this serendipitous/spooky or what?

I went for the first time on Thursday night to dinner with a ‘Germans in the Western Suburbs’ of Melbourne Facebook social group, to practice speaking in German. The whole time I was there, I couldn’t help but feel ‘alive’ and that in years to come, looking back that this evening was going to be one of those pivotal moments in life.

  1. One of the ladies who I sat opposite had served in the German army for 20 years, and had worked underneath one of their top generals, she was also from Cologne/ Düsseldorf region. I’m going to chat with her about her experiences and transition from the Bundeswehr (German Army). Told her I want to help German veterans. She also knew about the scale down of the British Forces and how hard it was for so many people.
  2. The lady I sat next to is from Hamburg originally, and lovely. She moved to Australia about 6 years ago.
  3. Another lady helps people in the area with developing their job search skills, and as it turns out, she lives approximately only 2 minutes walk from my house, just on one of the side streets before you get to my little Terrace. It’s funny to think of all the times I have walked past her house and wondered who lived there, with the beautiful cottage garden.

Everyone was so lovely, friendly and welcoming. Which is exactly what I needed – to push myself out of my comfort zone and not worry so much about whether I am going to use the wrong case in my replies.

But… the 3 ladies kept talking about the universe sending signals, and how things happen when you least expect it. They shared lots of these stories, and I kept thinking, what were the chances of me sitting here tonight with three strangers who ‘represented’ all that has been driving/drawing me over the last 2 years or more….

  • Wanting to help military personnel/veterans in Germany, and slowly building a network who could potentially open a door
  • There is something about Hamburg and Cologne that draws me to those places and my future
  • Career Development – that’s my passion

The lady who was in the German army told me how she had met her husband randomly years before, but nothing happened (the timing wasn’t right), then 17 years later their paths crossed again under different circumstances, and the rest is history.

Was the universe sending me a sign (or 3) that my vision/goals for my future are on the right path??

I caught up with one of the ladies on Friday night, and plan to catch up further with the group.

Have you encountered moments like this? Maybe in your career or other parts of your life.

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