We Don’t Meet People by Accident. They Are Meant to Cross Our Path For a Reason

This memory from 3 years ago just popped up in my Facebook feed… from a time when my life was at a crossroad – dealing with betrayal and loss of trust resulting in the breakdown of my marriage, amongst other things including a toxic work environment in my professional life.

I feel so blessed to have such people in my life.  Some have remained or have come into my life to become my closest friends. A couple of others I met over the last 2 years, although we aren’t really in contact that much, and we will probably never meet again (thank you COVID-19), I know I still have their support and they unknowingly continue to inspire me to follow my aspirations and be my authentic self.

Another person who has recently entered my life, I also just ‘clicked’ with, and it is fascinating to discover their career journey and what makes them tick.

Isn’t it funny how when you least expect it, serendipitous moments introduce you to such people 🙏

All in all, with such people in my life, as I said 3 years ago in a time that in many ways seems so different to today, I’m not afraid to walk the path less trodden, wherever that may take me ❤🧡💜

Have you experienced something similar, where people enter your life unexpectedly but for a reason?

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