‘Dis’ Moment

After taking a much needed break from screen time this weekend, chilling out and recharging, I was truly humbled and moved to have opened my emails on Sunday afternoon, to find this feedback from someone who I have supported with their career exploration and lifelong career development plans.

Supporting all clients through the use of evidence based career intervention strategies, which are underpinned by current career theories and models, that align with Career Industry Council of Australia (Inc) standards, is something I truly believe in and advocate for. Different countries have their own peak regulating bodies. I encourage you where possible to engage with a Career Practitioner, who is committed to meeting the standards of their career industry regulating body.

For me, this moment, when you see someone empowered with the skills, strategies and self-belief to manage their lifelong career pathway is what being a Career Development Practitioner is all about!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

3 thoughts on “‘Dis’ Moment

  1. Thank you @dailyshirts for liking my post 🙏 I was really moved when I received that feedback


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