Mindful March – Die kleinen Momente

„Die kleinen Dinge? Die kleinen Momente? Sie sind nicht klein“

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn
Mindfulness Optimism Relax Harmony Concept

Mindfulness techniques can assist with reducing anxiety and aiding in self-reflection and self-reflection, not only when it comes to a person’s career, but across all pillars of a person’s life and relationships. As a professional qualified Career Development Practitioner, I utilise mindfulness techniques not only with my clients, but also for my own wellbeing. But why is self-reflection and gaining self-clarity important?

As Spencer Niles, 2021 explained: Self-reflection is key to navigating our lifelong career management, especially these days when things are so busy & we often don’t take time in an intentional way.

Self-Clarity is like building your house upon the sand. The foundations building blocks are your skills, interests, personality types, values, education (where it is taking you). These foundation blocks need to be embedded deep into the sand, otherwise when storms hit, the house could easily topple over and be washed away.

March’s daily actions from ‘Action for Happiness Org’s’ calendars are based on the key of Awareness: Live life mindfully.

Perhaps this coming month with work and/or career exploration, you might;

💙 Bring to mind people you care about no matter how near or far they are and send love to them

💙 Notice how you speak to yourself. Try to use kind words

💙 If you find yourself rushing, make an effort to slow down

💙 Take three calm breaths at regular intervals during your day

💙 Stay fully present while drinking your cup of tea or coffee

💙 Notice something going well even if today it feels difficult

💙 Listen deeply to someone & really hear what they are saying

💙 Pause to watch the sky or clouds for a few minutes today

💙 Have a ‘no plans’ day and notice how it feels

💙 Listen to a piece of music without doing anything else

How often do you make time do any of these things?

Wherever you are around the globe, I hope that the actions from this month’s calendar, will help support yours and others career management plans, selfcare and wellbeing throughout the coming month and beyond.

You can get further information on related actions from the website link below


Calendars are available in PDF & jpeg format in a variety of languages (what a great way to brush up or learn new language skills)

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