Finding the Joy in Music

Today’s action from the Action for Happiness calendar is about finding the joy in music. What a great way to help me stay focused and pumped full of happy endorphins.

I have recently discovered Goethe Institut’s German Pop playlist on Spotify, which I had playing in the background this morning whilst happily making my way through a stack of work emails. I’m really loving the songs on this playlist. The playlist not only helped me to stay focus, and stopping my mind wandering off to think about how lovely it would be to be outside in thewarm sun on a winter’s day, but it is a fun way of improving my listening skills. One small step at a time, my German skills are slowly improving.

One of the benefits of currently WFH is being able to schedule time during my lunch break to do a high intensity virtual Broadway Musicals dance session. I only started doing these last week, but they take me right back to my dancing days as a child and through to my mid 20s, singing and dancing along to songs that I used to do as either solo’s or as part of a dance troupe. Thank goodness I closed the blinds in the lounge room slightly (no neighbours need to be subjected to this!). I’m certainly not as coordinated as I once was, many, many years ago, but I haven’t had so much fun in such a long time. I’ve even kept the last pair of Pointe shoes I wore to remind me to never forget the joy that dance and music has brought to me, it’s one way I tap into my ‘inner child’.

Continuing my ‘bop along’ WFH day, and continuing my German language immersion, Disney in German tunes came up on Spotify (totally random but fun). Thought it was pretty fitting that ‘Lion King’ in German popped up as I received an email offering me a place in the midyear intake for the Graduate Certificate in Career Development course I applied for. I couldn’t help but doing a happy dance, as this is such an exciting thing for me.

Happy Dance Moment

The last couple of years have been a time where I needed to step away from working full time with people as they experience transitions in their careers, which is something I am very passionate about, particularly working with veterans. As I was on a short term contract that potentially was not going to be renewed, plus having in recent years, experienced the emotions and issues redunancy brings; I needed to make the difficult decision to put on hold my own career plans, and find secure permanent work so that I could navigate my personal life from being married to single life. People who I am close to, know how painful this decision was for me to make at the time. It honestly felt like I had lost a part of myself.

It hasn’t been easy, and there were many times when barriers appeared on the road, where I wondered if I would ever again fulfil my desire to follow my passion. I haven’t let those barriers deter me, I’ve taken the ‘side streets’ and alternate route. Today, I am one step closer to taking my role as a Career Development Practitioner further. Through all of this, the joy of music and dance has sustained me through the highs and low’s of my journey.

How have you found the joy in music today?

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