What Brings You Joy?

“Take a photo of something that brings you joy and share it”

„Mach ein Foto von etwas, das dir Freude macht, undteile es“

Today’s action from the happiness calendar was a tough one. I tried to narrow it down selecting one thing that brings me joy. I came close, but in the end have decided to share photos of two things which bring me joy, particularly, whilst I am working from home.

Firstly, is the daffodil sculpture in my back garden. Every since I was a child, I’ve always loved daffodils. They and jonquils are my favourite flowers. Especially when I lived in the UK and Germany, they gave me great joy to see them appear as bearers of warmth and happiness as spring approached. The picture in the top right hand corner, was taken in my garden in Germany. It really amazed me to think how they could bloom and give hope, whilst the snow continued to cover the land. I was also surprised the second year, when I noticed more daffodils apppear in the lawn, as they slowly spread from the year before. What a lovely thought – the spreading of joy and happiness.

Daffodils symbolise rebirth and new beginnings. When last year I saw this daffodil sculpture, hand made out of recycled scrap metal, I couldn’t think of a better way to move forward from the break down of my marriage, than by treating myself to this symbolic reminder that the next chapter of my life was beginning. Now whenever I see this in my garden, I am filled with hope and happiness for what lies ahead. Just like daffodils burrowed under the ground during the winter months, I know that my hopes, and plans are slowly making an appearance. I’m also hopeful that the daffodil bulbs I have recently planted will bloom in the spring.

The second thing that brings me joy, is “Carpenter” my bicycle. I first set eyes on Carpenter on a cold winters day in 2009 when I first moved to Germany. I’ll never forget that day, which still brings a smile to my face. Decked out in a warm long felt skirt and rugged up against the cold, went searching for a bicycle shop so that I could get around my new home town. After all, Münster is known as the “city of bicycles”. I never expected when I walked into the shop that was so large it had it’s own bike track painted on the floor, that I would be shortly measured up and matched to Carpenter. I still can’t believe there I was as a grown up in a skirt, cycling around inside the shop testing the “fit” and definitely channeling my inner child. It was a perfect fit, and eleven years later, I still get as much enjoyment getting out and about with Carpenter, even though we now are in Australia.

With all that has gone on in my life pre and during COVID-19, it is little things like this that brings me moments of joy. This has really helped with my mental wellbeing, and to focus on my work. I have also found my garden and getting out on my bicycle a chance to unwond and take breaks from the computer.

What brings you joy?

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