Make a Plan With Friends to do Something Fun Together

One of ‘Joyful June’ Action for Happiness Calendar actions is to make a plan with friends to do something fun together.

To be honest, I struggled with whether to share this action considering all of the upheaval and unrest around the world at the moment. The more I thought about this though, and discussions I have had with friends, the more I have come to believe that the sharing of plans for the future can help give hope and optimism for things to come.

My friends are based overseas, and have been going through some pretty tough moments as a result of COVID-19 and other issues. It worries me about the safety and health and those whose lives are really impacted, inparticular friends andthose that I really care about. It feels frustrating that all I can do is be on the end of a device to offer support. I can’t complain with what I’ve gone though. I believe Australia has been quite fortunate up until now in minimising the impact of COVID-19 is having on our lives.

We are all, for various reasons in the midst or considering career transitions. I’m glad to be able to support them as they explore future options that marry up with their core values, passions and what makes their heart sings.

So what does this have to do with making plans to do something fun with friends?

I was meant to travel to Germany in May before starting my Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practices course, for my personal holiday. I had hoped to catch up with friends as well as meet people face to face who I have been networking with in the Career Development Practitioner field. This has obviously been placed currently on hold, but after a couple of chats recently, where my friends and I had been feeling despondent with all that is going on, have come up with the following plans.

  1. Rebook my trip to Germany for next year – as I won’t finish my Grad Cert until Jul next year, am thinking of aiming for either end of Sep/Oct to coinside with Oktoberfest, reunification events (also happens to fall during my birthday). Or head over for Christmas and the New Year period. All of us lived in Germany either at the same time, or have shared experiences, so it will be lovely catching up there. I’ll also look forward to hopefully meet in person the amazing Career Practitioners that I’m getting to know albeit remotely.
  2. Catch up in Mallorca for the European summer of 2022, for my preturning 50 birthday celebrations! When I suggested this to my friends, this had them in stitches with comments along the lines of “Geez Jenn you really are getting yourself organised!” Didn’t expect this response, but what a great mood booster. Two of my dearest friends who have been through the rollarcoaster of life I have been on, and I there for them, have already come back with ‘YES!! let’s do it’. As one of them said to me, they need something positive to look forward to. I’m so happy that we have a plan to look forwardto, as although we met through work back in 2007, we haven’t actually had the opportunity to meet up in person all at the same time since February of 2009, when I moved to Germany, and then later to Australia.

Having a plan and goal to look forward to, is helping all three of us manage our career plans including training and transitions options as far as possible, to accomodate catching up in Germany and Mallorca. We know that there are so many variables at the moment. Who knows for example when the governemnt will allow Australians to travel overseas for leisure. Our plans may need to shift for example in terms oftimeframes, and that is okay.

What I believe is important in giving hope and optimisim that we will get through these times, is having goals that are flexible enough to adapt to changing situations, but still a goal for us to work towards. By having pencilled in dates for Germany aroundthe completion of my studies, and Mallorca in 2022, this is helping me to map out my career pathway.

These plans are also aiding to keep my mind open for potential future work opportunities.

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