Jump Back July

We can’t control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond.

Recently I have noticed some friends and colleagues struggling to bounce back when they have ‘hit a wall’ which could be something as relatively minor as Internet issues. I’ve also noticed in some areas, that the positive ‘wave’ of understanding and tolerance for what other people are going through has for some people started to slip. For example, deadlines for completing tasks are becoming shorter, not taking into account potential difficulties of working from home. We are also going through a state of transition whether voluntary or involuntary. It could be adjusting to changes in work practices, or family dynamics amongst other reasons.

It is for this reason that I am so pleased to see Action for Happiness Org’s “Jump Back July” calendar, as it really resonates with me. Although suitable for so many situations, I will be focusing on the daily actions in relation, to my work setting to help colleagues and myself to expand our toolkit of strategies, to be more resilient during challenging times. I’ll also be using these to support my Career Development Practitioner clients during and in between coaching sessions. For awhile, I have been sharing the monthly calendars with colleagues who have shared these with my family members andtheir foreign language students.

July’s daily actions from ‘Action for Happiness Orgs’ calendars are included to help a person be more resilient in challenging times, which is based on the key of Resilience: find ways to bounce back.

Positive emotions help to build resilience, so although you need to be realistic about life’s ups and downs, it helps to focus on the good aspects of a situation.

Related actions are:

  • Action 9 – Get help if you are struggling
  • Action 10 – Help kids build emotional resilience
  • Action 20 – Learn how to meditate
  • Action 21 – Know your thoughts, choose your actions
  • Action 44 – Have tactics for the tough times

You can get further information on related actions from the website link below


Calendars are available in PDF & jpeg format in the following languages (what a great way to brush up or learn new language skills)
* Arabic
* Catalan
* Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
* Danish
* Dutch
* Filipino
* French
* German
* Greek
* Icelandic
* Italian
* Japanese
* Lithuanian
* Polish
* Portuguese (Europe & Brazil)
* Spanish
* Swedish
* Turkish
* Welsh

Another resource I find really helpful to build resilience, is the Resilience Project, which Hugh Van Cuylenburg established.

You can read an earlier brief LinkedIn post of mine that talks about the Resilience Project by following the link below.


After all, as the Action for Happiness poster relating to resilience below says, “if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it”

How do you bounce back in tough times?

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