Self-care is Not Selfish. It is Essential

Yesterday was the start of spring here in Australia, & Action for Happiness’ “Self-care September” calendar, with the first action to “Remember that self-care is not selfish. It’s essential”

Taking that advice, I’ve decided to prioritise self-care this month. There are many things that are beyond my control, & I’m choosing to not let them control my feelings.

🌸 I have no idea how long lockdown will continue in Melbourne, nor do I have any idea when I will be able to see friends & family face to face again.

🌸 I have no idea how long the pandemic will continue, nor how long until a vaccine becomes available.

🌸 I have no idea if my vision to work with military veterans and support their transition to & sustain civilian employment across multiple countries will come to fruition.

🌸 I have no idea if I will ever meet up again with someone I care deeply for who lives on the other side of the planet. I really hope I can see them but ce sera sera, this one really is in the hands of fate. What is meant to be, will be.

🌸 I have no idea if I will meet with my work colleagues again face to face before Christmas, but I hope I do.

What I can do right now, is enjoy the start of spring & the feeling of gratitude for having a small garden, that is very private where I can spend time in the sun. So that is what I did yesterday.

I took the opportunity to sit in my garden at lunch time listening to a webinar from the Future Work Summit currently being held this week. It felt amazing to take time away from the screen & the area I have set up as my home office.

Taking a picnic blanket & salad into the garden, felt like a rare moment of escape from the confines of working from home.

It was also very relaxing & recharging to be able to stretch out, feel the warmth of the sun on my skin & watch a pair of New Holland Honeyeaters zipping amongst the blossoms that have just emerged on my nectarine tree helping themselves to the nectar.

I enjoyed this moment in nature so much I had to take the picture of the blossoms on the tree at the top of this post.

All of this helped me to refocus for the afternoon on my work.

Today’s self-care action is “be willing to share how you feel & ask for help when needed”. Take care & try and find some time for self-care

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