10 Minute Mindfulness Activity

Yesterday I attended a really engaging webinar presented by Kylie Graham on ‘Managing Anxiety During COVID’, and one of the points for discussion was how being creative can improve anxiety / stress levels.

This reminded me of a 10 minute mindfulness activity that I had previously posted 6 months ago on LinkedIn, and how I was going to use this activity to boost the ambiance at work.

Impressionist style inspired 10 minute mindfulness activity

10 minute mindfulness activity.


* 5 minutes to get the ‘foliage’ drawn on all 3 different card stock (oil pastels were used).

* 5 additional minutes to get paint onto the background (start with the darker colour then blend white over the top).

The aim of this activity is to be present in the moment, feeling for example how the pastels etc glide differently across different textures, creating movement on the page

This activity isn’t about being an accomplished artist (at best I just put splodges on a page 🙂), but more about letting go of insecurities and truly engaging in the moment.

My original post also describes how I had planned to use this as a group activity at work . . . Before having to start working from home. If you are interested, you can read more about it here.


What other creative ways do you engage in mindfulness in the workplace or at home?

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