Books Open Up Your World

That’s it! I thought to myself a few days before the close of 2020. With that thought, I officially called an end to my 2020 self imposed book ban! (I may or may not have slipped off the wagon a few times throughout the year

I fell in love with this box of 50 travel ideas prompts – love the artworks and the ideas for seeing a place differently. We are currently restricted of where we can travel here in Victoria, Australia. I really hope we don’t have to face further restrictions again. At least if we do, I can also use these prompts to get to know my local environment to discover new ways of seeing the area.

Since I’ve almost finished ‘I’m off then’ (thank you to a friend I met this year for recommending it in the first place and introducing me to the work of Hape Kerkeling), I decided I needed another travel book since we won’t be travelling internationally again anytime soon.

Favourite part of ‘I’m off Then’ so far – I loved the part at the beginning of Hape’s travels, where he describes himself as “a naked German bathing in an animal trough” in the middle of a field when two elderly women walked past! πŸ˜‚

I was also very moved, when he described how he rescued Pepe a stray dog.

I picked up Bill Bryson’s ‘Neither Here Nor There’ on the same day as the travel prompts cards – I’m thinking of it as an educational text to prepare for when I eventually make it to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, and how not to order tripe or eyeballs in German restaurants πŸ˜±πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

2021 is going to see me making time for myself, including time for doing things that I love. This is something I did not do enough of during 2020 – I spent far too much time focused on work, adjusting to COVID-19 impact.

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