Sometimes You Just Have to Chill Out for a Bit

Have you ever found yourself just needing some time to relax and breathe?

My passion is for supporting people including military personnel & veterans with their career transitions / pivots through a holistic active engagement process.  The last few months have been busy with my own professional development in this area and also networking. My vision is to take this supportive approach to collaborate with Germany and other countries. After all, we are now a global workforce, and it makes sense to make this career development support available internationally.

I didn’t realise how much I needed to take some time out and chill out for a bit, but boy I am so glad I have this weekend.

Friday was a great start to the weekend. Firstly, catching up for coffee with someone chatting and brainstorming, ideas for supporting clients. It was such a great opportunity to hear other amazing creative ideas, which I’m truly grateful for.

View of Victoria Harbour, Docklands, Melbourne Australia

Then I went on to have head bumps and cuddles from my friends’ cat Oscar, plus a very long qualitive catch up with my friend. This was long overdue, and  the last time we were able to do this despite living only about 20 mins away was 12 months ago, before the 1st lockdown in Melbourne started.

I was also spoilt by chilling out at their place with such amazing calming views of the harbour front.

View of Victoria Harbour looking towards Etihad Stadium, Docklands, Melbourne Australia

Finally finishing off the night with an extremely much needed letting ‘my hair down’ with a trip to the Hofbräuhaus, introducing people I have just met to the wonders of southern German cuisine and beverages over an extended meal. This is the first time I have been out in the city for a ‘night out’ in 12 months, and I must admit it felt a bit surreal, but was so much fun.

This left me refreshed to investigate over the weekend whether I am a clownfish or panda!

Wait what . . . a clownfish or panda – what is this person thinking of? I hear you ask . . .

I’ve been meaning for a while to take another look at some career development resources including personality and interests profile assessment tools listed below. It concerns me when people consider personality and interest profiling assessments as the be all for identifying jobs and career pathways. Where they are beneficial, is as a starting point for discussions to help a person with their self-reflection and self-identification.

The Best Jobs in the World?

University of Southern Queensland has an online Unusual Occupational Explorer tool available for current students. I like how this is a great conversation starter for exploring how a qualification could lead to different career pathways.

If you had to select one of these 9 occupations, what would you choose?

O*NET Interest Profiler Tool

Interest Profiler (IP) at O*NET Resource Center (

The O*NET Profiler Tool is based on John Holland’s Theory of Career Choice (RIASEC model)

I had to try not to burst out laughing when I saw my results, as I scored strongly on the social, artistic followed by investigative interest types. People who know me, know this sums me up so well.

What Does my RIASEC mean?

Investigative – I like work that involves ideas and thinking i.e., searching for facts & figuring out problems. Two aspects that are important to the role of a Career Development Practitioner.

Artistic – I like work that involves creativity in my work (Active Engagement), and work that can be done without following a set of rules. Flexibility and individualising each client’s career action plan / intervention strategies to meet their needs is what I believe in.

Social – I like working with others to help them learn and grow.

Interestingly, a couple of suggested occupations which align with my RIASEC profile include:

  • Art Therapists
  • Park Naturalists
  • Career Counsellors / Career Guidance Practitioners

Buzz Profile Inventory Tool

Buzz quiz –

The other personality tool I looked at was the Buzz Profile on This assessment tool identifies your personality profile based on Myer Brigg’s MBTI 16 personality types. Each of the personality types has been assigned an animal totem.

Turns out I was neither a clownfish or panda. Instead, I ended up being a seal.

Seals can be imaginative, supportive and playful around their social group. We can also be quiet and careful wondering whether to jump in and trust our instincts or weigh up a person or situation first

Seals’ motto is: How will that affect everyone else? This is something that is often at the forefront of my mind.

This has been a refreshing and interesting weekend. This coming month, I am going to make sure I am being more mindful and taking time to relax and recharge

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