The Gnome Who Knows

I’m so excited . . . my ‘The Gnome Who Knows’ career development discussion/support chat group is now ready to go full steam ahead as a Facebook group (link here). Keep an eye out for tips and dates of upcoming coffee sessions (coffee chat sessions also listed here on ‘The Gnome Who Knows’ page). This voluntary chat group is my way of giving back to others.

A massive thank you to my wonderfully talented friend Jacinta Perkins, for turning me into a gnome, and for everyone who has helped and supported me with my vision for helping others. Jacinta is not only a talented graphic designer, but also an amazing cake decorator (you can see some of her work here, including the cake she made for our friends wedding)

I’m really looking forward to our first upcoming scheduled face to face coffee chat session at Cheeky Chewies Cafe in Laverton on the outskirts of Melbourne this Friday.

What’s in a name?

People have been asking this afternoon how ‘The Gnome Who Knows’ came into existence. This is how my COVID buddy and friends agreed when describing me:

– All of 5ft tall, quirky, did my best to be cheerful during lockdown, be helpful and cheer others, resourceful/problem solver, also marching to the beat of my own drum, with a slightly mischievous / twinkle in my eye streak who has a passion for career development. And I thought it was because I’m short, round and own a dirndl! 😃

Another aspect that got woven into the gnome creation is that there is a legend in Cologne, Germany of gnomes helping households at night (sort of fitting as Career Development Practitioners are a helping profession). People who know me, know how much I’m looking forward to getting back to Germany, in particular meeting up with friends in Cologne, when we are able to travel again.

Jacinta Perkins did a fantastic and flattering job of turning my picture of me in my dirndl into ‘The Gnome Who Knows’

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