Welcoming My Newest Team Member

Introducing my newest team member at work. . . Ingell

Ingell the Gnome

Their Job role: Guardian of the stash of herbal and Yorkshire tea 😆😆 (I’m more than happy to share my teabags with friends, colleagues and other people who drop into our office)

I’d been eyeing Ingell the gnome (yes I do have a thing for gnomes) off in the local newsagent near work for a couple of weeks, and this morning thought “that’s it, Ingell needs to come to work with me” So, that’s exactly what happened

(I’m not sure the security guards knew what to think when they saw me walk in through the gate carrying a gnome in a pot in my hands)

But what is it about Ingell that drew me to him? Was it the flowers on his hat or his cute button nose? It was the word ‘inspire’ that caught my attention, and I thought that is exactly what I want our ‘Gnome Who Knows’ chat group on Facebook to help do for you. The chat group is an informal free group, open to anyone no matter where you are, where I provide career support voluntarily as my way of giving back to the community. Coffee chat sessions are also run throughout Melbourne, and also online as well

So, here is an activity for you.

  1. I want you to think of all of people who have inspired you in your life., and reflect on why or how they inspired you. You don’t have to have actually have met them (perhaps one person is Martin Luther King for example).
  2. Once you have thought about your list (it can be as big or small as you like), I want you to find photos of these people (try Google image search)
  3. Create a photo montage / mural ‘wall’ of the people who have inspired you.
  4. If you are comfortable, I would love for you to share your ‘inspiration wall of people’

How is this activity helpful? It helps with gaining self clarity of your values, and what is important to you. Who knows, maybe by doing this activity you may rediscover a passion or interest that you had forgotten about.

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