With a Little Help From My Friends

There is no doubt that 2020 was the year like no other, where people’s lives across the globe has been transformed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact this has had on our lives – physically, emotionally, logistically and with our relationships. It wasn’t until today that I saw for myself, and it hit home how much the extended 111 day lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne physically had an impact on me.

As a result of a combination of significant increased work load, higher stress levels, not taking my permitted 1hr per day out of the house for exercise usually until early evening (I worked through lunch most days, and we had what felt like alot of rain over winter), I ended up with seriously low levels of Vitamin D and Iron.

What a difference 6-8 months and vitamins can make

Comparing the 2 pictures, I think the Iron and Vitamin D supplements my doctor advised me to take are having a positive effect. Bear in mind summer pretty much skipped us in Melbourne this year. The 1st picture was taken in approximately Aug/Sept 2020 when my hair started falling out in clumps, and a few weeks before I was diagnosed with the very low levels of Iron and vitamin D. The 2nd picture was taken yesterday evening before I went out for dinner. I used the same make-up in both pictures, and same lighting.

There were times over the last few months when I struggled with low energy levels and what some people may have thought of as depression. I’m not going to deny that being on my own in isolation pretty much from March until December with only the birds outside and a lemon tree for immediate face to face company was hard at times, and did get me down. What I didn’t realise at the time was how having these deficiencies could impact on not only my physical health, but also mood and general overall wellbeing. The frustrating thing was, apart from being physically being run down, and tired (it was a real struggle at times to stay awake by the end of the ‘work day’), I was all things considered of the circumstances, generally happy and optimistic/hopeful for the future.

I’m so grateful to my friends and sister who have supported me throughout this time, even if it had to be at times virtual from afar. They checked in on me, and have been understanding of the situation. I was even told tonight that they can tell that the supplements are working as I have more colour to my face now, and don’t look so much like a vampire. That made me laugh out loud whilst drinking a cup of tea. I love how friends help to lighten the mood. That’s what friends are for, and I can’t wait until we can have a proper catch up again.

One of the lessons I have learnt as a result of lockdown, is to stop and take a proper break at lunchtime, to get outside whenever possible for some fresh air, sun and gentle exercise (could be a short walk). This is something I was very good at helping other people keep on top of last year, shame I didn’t do this myself.

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