Keep Looking Ahead

Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day

~ Captain Sir Tom Moore, 2020

Sunday afternoon spent reading Captain Tom’s Life Lessons, & I was struck by this part of a speech Captain Sir Tom Moore made in 2020 to 300 recently graduated junior soldiers from the British Army Foundation College in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

“Keep looking ahead because that’s where the future lies, & it is there that you will find the chance to improve your own lives & those of others, as well as changing your perspective”

Captain Sir Tom Moore goes on to explain (pgs 22 – 23) how they are to take advantage of opportunities that come their way, to not waste an opportunity,


they must also be prepared to do their part in supporting others and helping those less fortunate.

Captain Sir Tom hoped that those he addressed would try to see the best in everyone and treat others as they’d like to be treated.

I believe Captain Sir Tom’s words are meaningful for everyone, not just the young soldiers he addressed that day. With all that is going on in the world, imagine how much kinder and more tolerant we would be, if people treated each other how they would like to be treated, and helped one another out.

I dug out my #whatsyourstrength Career Practitioner card deck and thought about Captain Sir Tom’s message in relation to roles/experience people may have in helping others. Two cards I selected from the pack were:

๐Ÿ’š I have done fund-raising, volunteering, charity work

๐Ÿ’š I have caring responsibilities.

Skills and qualities someone may have who has engaged in these, include:

C – calm, caring, can do attitude, commitment, communication, considerate, creative thinking

D – dedication, dependable

E – empathy, enterprising, enthusiastic, ethical

F – flexible

H – helpful

I – independent, initiative, inspiring, integrity

L – loyal

M – motivating

O – organisation

P – passionate, patience, positive attitude, positive role model, proactive

R – reliable

S – self motivation, sense of humour, social responsibility, strong work ethic

T – time management, trustworthy

How many of these skills and qualities do you have, and how do you utilise them to help others?

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