New Things November ~ 2021

“Just try new things. Don’t be afraid, step out of your comfort zone & soar”

~ Michelle Obama

November’s daily actions from ‘Action for Happiness Org’s’ calendars help you find ways of moving forward, & are all based on the key of Trying Out: Learning new things.

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As we slowly emerge from our 6th lockdown in Melbourne, and deal with the mental, physical, emotional, financial toll across many pillars of people’s lives of living in the city with the dubious title / award of ‘longest lockdown in the world’, November for me brings a sense of hope and optimism, &I look forward to new experiences & learning new things this month & beyond. I really like this month’s calendar, with so many actions you can incorporate at home, social & work settings.

I am a strong believer in lifelong learning across all pillars of life through informal & formal learning opportunities, which affects us in so many ways, helping us to stay curious & engaged, which evidence demonstrates the link between lifelong learning & mental health, as well as cognitive function. I loved how my grandma at the then sprightly age of 96 learnt how to use an iPad to daily play Sudoku & follow the news.  

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As a Career Development Practitioner, I understand the importance of lifelong learning & development of lifelong care management skills, to support a person’s agile navigation of the evolving present and future of work.  This is something I encourage my clients to actively engage in as part of their ‘daily’ lives.

Josie’s Guide to New Ways November 2021 podcast from Action For Happiness Org can be found via the link below. There are some really great tips that she gives, which build on the calendar’s daily actions.

Personally, I’m looking forward to:

* Being taught by a good friend how to make Stutenkerl / Weckmann – I’m intrigued in learning how to make these yeast men who have a clay pipe (a bit like doughnut men). I remember seeing people munching on these, for my first St Martins Day & Lanterne Parade, as well as during Advent in Münster, NordRhein-Westfalen, after moving to Germany.

Münster, Germany – A place where I learnt so much about myself & other cultures

* Taking part in the Certified Hope Action Theory Practitioner (CHATP) membership program networking event on 18 Nov 21, with other certified Advanced CHATP practitioners from around the world. It certainly is making me smile as I write this, & I can’t wait to catch up with practitioners who I met during my CHATP certification course, & am excited to meet other members of this amazing community. I’m a huge supporter & advocate for Hope Action Theory to support people’s life long career development through action orientated hope, & I feel humble to be continuing learning further about HAT & intervention strategies that support this from Norm Amundson, Spencer Niles & Andrea Fruhling.

* I’m also looking forward to offering to share with friends, my crafting skills (some I’ve metaphorically locked away for too long) now that lockdown restrictions have eased. I’m planning to invite them over to my place for a long overdue catch-up leisurely lunch & some hands on soap making & also a couple of other activities session.

Some very rough shots of traditional cold pressed soaps I’ve made in the past using only natural ingredients including colourants & essential oils

Where ever you are, I hope that the actions from the November calendar, will help support your career management plans, selfcare and wellbeing throughout the coming month & beyond.

Perhaps this coming month you might try some of these actions from the calendar;

✅ Change your normal routine today & notice how you feel

✅ Be curious. Learn about a new topic or an inspiring idea

✅ When you feel you can’t do something, add the word ‘yet’

✅ Find a new way to help support a cause you care about

✅ Build on new ideas by thinking “Yes, & what if . . .”

✅ Be creative, cook draw, write, paint, make or inspire

✅ Use on of your strengths in a new or creative way

✅ Make a meal using a recipe or ingredient you have not tried before

What is something new that you have learnt recently?

Related actions are:

  • Action 12 – Volunteer your time, energy & skills
  • Action 13 – Try something new or different
  • Action 18 – Be curious & get inspired
  • Action 29 – Get completely absorbed in something

You can get further information on related actions from the website link below

Calendars are available in PDF & jpeg format in the following languages (what a great way to brush up or learn new language skills)

* Albanian
* Arabic
* Bengali
* Bulgarian
* Catalan
* Chinese
* Croatian
* Czech
* Danish
* Dutch
* Estonian
* Farsi
* Finnish
* French
* German
* Greek
* Hebrew
* Hindi
* Hungarian
* Icelandic
* Indonesian
* Italian
* Japanese
* Korean
* Kyrgyz
* Lithuanian
* Mongolian
* Nepali
* Polish
* Portuguese
* Romanian
* Russian
* Serbian
* Slovenian
* Spanish
* Swedish
* Turkish
* Ukrainian
* Urdu

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