No Filters Required

Raising awareness for mental health and society’s pressure on young girls to look a “certain way”.

It saddens me to think how many young people feel they need to conform to unrealistic standards of beauty, and the impact this is having on their wellbeing.

After hearing today of friends girls (one who is under 12) struggling with their own self body image, I was challenged and moved to take a current selfie with no make up or filter (I don’t use filters).

Feeling tired, unwell, hair just washed, turning 50 in a few months & comfortable in my own skin, and hope sharing this post helps support another person to develop their sense of self

#nofilternomakeupchallenge #nofilterneeded #nofilterrequired

What sort of impact does this pressure have on their sense of self, and potential impact in lifelong career development?

Dove’s Reverse Selfie Campaign – such a powerful message of this issue

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