Have a ‘No Plans’ Day

Do you have ‘no plans’ days / weekends, and take the time to notice how this feels? I have had a ‘no plans’ weekend – taking time to focus on my wellbeing and boosting my immune system, and have loved embracing a self-care weekend.

Lots of relaxation, gentle exercise, Eurovision feel good happy vibes, meal planning.

Slowly starting to feel like I’m getting a recent illness under control, but still have a way to go. This has impacted on my planning and preparation for Australia’s National Careers Week, which runs from 16 – 22 May 22.

I’m looking forward to holding voluntary 1:1 career conversations and running an ‘Introducing Modern Resumes’ workshop, as my way of giving back to others. I will also post resources and tips throughout the week on this blog #ncwau22

Lot’s of nutritious meals planned for the next couple of weeks, including a bulk batch of the yummy white asparagus soup recipe from Germany

My attempt at making a German creamy white asparagus soup, with green asparagus spears – hmm, I forgot how clumpy Greek yoghurt can be instead of single cream. Still tasted delicious

I’ve never ordered an ‘Every Plate’ (food) delivery before, but have done so for my wellbeing, as the next couple of weeks will be pretty busy. I am impressed with the quality of the gorgeous selection of fruit in the add on box.

Looking forward to trying these recipes that I selected for this week

🥣 Sweet Chilli Beef Rissoles with Sesame Fries & Pear Salad

🥣 Zucchini & Sweet Potato Risotto with Basil Pesto & Feta

🥣 Ginger Pork Noodle Stir-Fry with Garlic Veggies

Take care everyone, and have a wonderful week

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