Joyful June ~ Decide to look for what’s good every day this month

Not every day is filled with ‘sunshine and lollipops’, and at times it can seem like there is an unending pile of tasks to be completed.

Silhouette einer Frau in einer Landschaft mit unterschiedlichen Emotionen

I mentioned yesterday that the brain naturally focuses on problems and issues – this helped us to evolve and survive as a species. But what about now, when there are so many issues happening in our own lives, and more broadly on a global level? Could our brains focusing on problems and issues be actually aiding or hindering our sense of wellbeing?

🟢 What about if we flipped our thinking and looked for actions and experiences that ‘worked well’ and gives us joy?

One example is to celebrate our tiny day to day achievements, and celebrate these with a mini micro personal celebration. I.e., instead of focusing on all the things still to be done on our to do list, reflect back and celebrate each of the things you do get done e.g. “Yes I did send that email” ‘Yes, I made my bed’

By focusing on celebrating the tiny things we do well, we are developing habits that have positive psychological and physiological benefits.

🟢 Another tip for looking for the good in our every day life is to end each day or week with reflecting back on joyful moments. Why not record these in for example, a diary, creating a mural / picture, poetry, drawing, writing music?

Hope you have a joyful day everyone

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