Joyful June ~ Be Kind to You

Do Something That Brings You Joy

One of Action for Happiness ‘s #joyfuljune actions is ~ Be kind to you. Do something that brings you joy

On a chilly wet winter day here in Melbourne, I took this months calendar advice and made some time on Monday for a few things that bring me joy.

✅ Brewing a pot of mulled spiced apple tea using a mulled spice mix gifted to me from Germany, and taking time out to really enjoy it – Wfh on Monday gave me the opportunity to dehydrate apple slices slowly in the oven sprinkled with lebkuchen mix – the house smells divine

Apple slices before going into the oven

✅ Informal chats with Career Practitioners and friends overseas

✅ Giving positive feedback to one of my colleagues and see/hear the huge smile on their face 🙂

✅ Really enjoyed the Career Development Association of Australia – QLD Community of Practice session that evening. It was such an informative session, and I truly appreciated being able to meet so many wonderful like minded people

✅ Squeezed in some time for my language studies – very grateful for the support from work in helping me to carry on with this (even more grateful that this amazing group of talented linguists are so very kind and encouraging)

✅ Discovering moments to laugh and share jokes with colleagues – they loved the article I shared in our group chat about police trying to work out why ducks were crossing a busy road in Southern Germany – I still don’t know why. I also loved the morning sunrise photos one of my colleagues shared. It was very inspirational

Do you notice when you make or ‘find’ time for things that bring you joy how it positively impacts across all pillars of your life? I find it interesting, that sense of joy flowed on to my colleagues

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