Community Spirit is a Wonderful Thing

It’s not everyday I go walking around my local neighbourhood wearing a dirndl dressed as Red Riding Hood (especially in the heavy rain). It did make me giggle seeing the reactions of motorists stopped at the set of lights (all good cheerful reactions)

I have to admit, it felt very liberating and empowering – until the icy cold rain hit. Brrrr. Who would of thought that snow would be forecast in November (one month until summer)

Thankyou to my friend for the invite, it was so much fun, seeing all the cool costumes and dancing about to a great play list.

There was a wonderful sense of the community coming together in such an inclusive and fun way, and lovely interactions from tiny tots to adults 🎃🎃

After all the lockdowns we have been through since 2020, there was a real sense of happiness and celebration in the air today

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