Military Spouses/Partners – Career Challenges They May Face

Calling military spouses / partners

I was re-watching Gareth Malone’s documentary series ‘Military Wives Choir’ again, and it struck me how amazing military spouses / partners* (current and former) are. I know it was from 2011, and more support is available now, in some countries, but it still moves me, and there is still so much more work to be done.

*Different titles depending on where you are, and with what country military you are connected to)

I’m passionate about giving voice to their lived experience, strengths and qualities as a military spouse / partner through their career journey, no matter how recent or long ago it may have been.

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As a former military spouse myself, I know only too well the impact challenges of being a military spouse had on my career, even many years beyond the time I spent as a military spouse.

One project I’m currently working on is a holistic creative engagement approach to helping military spouses / partners showing their strengths, which develops and maintains hope through their lifelong career development/management. This is similar to the model I’m using for military personnel and veterans (see pic).

Due to the nature of military life, some of the skills, lived experiences and qualities a military spouse may develop include:

  • problem solving
  • flexibility
  • adaptability
  • critical thinking
  • organisation skills
  • resilience
  • project management
  • creativity
  • leadership

All of these skills would be highly prised by employers across multiple industries.

To help me develop holistic individual support for military spouses, I’m asking for military spouse (current and former) if they could spend a few minutes completing the survey (link below).

It doesn’t matter which country your partner is/was a military member of, or for how long, as challenges military spouses may face can unfortunately be universal.

Also, please feel free to share this post and/or link, if you know of a military spouse / partner who may be interested in completing the survey.

Survey takes approximately 3 minutes to complete

Thank you so much, for helping me to change the narrative this amazing group of people may experience during their career journey x

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