Reflections Over Sunset

I hadn’t been down to the foreshore of one of the nearby beaches for what had seemed like forever. It was a lovely walk Friday evening watching the sunset, and a perfect place to sit and reflect on the following positive and challenging things this week, both personally and professionally. I am grateful to be able once again be able to visit other areas now that Lockdown restrictions have eased.

I love being near open water, watching the movement of the waves and smelling the fresh sea air, and just generally being present in the moment. I find non touristy beaches and foreshores, always help me to relax. It was so lovely down there, I have to share some pictures scattered below. I hope you like them.

Sunset over Werribee South Beach, Metro Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Positive Moments:

  1. Course Workshop – It was great to be able to attend the virtual full day workshop for my post graduate studies, connecting with others. Although ‘Zoomed out’ by the end, I took away a lot of ideas for resource development for various stake holders.

  2. 96 kms in 30 Days Challenge Completion – I was so pleased to have completed the challenge in 25 days to raise funds for Bravery Trust. The link below takes you my recent post about completing the challenge.

3. Australian Veterans National Arts Museum (ANVAM) – I had the amazing opportunity this week to meet and chat with the founders of ANVAM. It is so inspiring to meet like minded people who share a similar vision and understanding of how important the arts are in assisting people with:

  • Hope
  • Self-Reflection
  • Self-Clarity
  • Self-Identification
  • Visioning

All of which are critical competencies for managing one’s lifelong learning & career development pathway plans effectively, and are critical components of ‘Hope Action Theory’. I’m looking forward to chatting further of how ANVAM can support people in the veteran community, with their career development pathways. If you haven’t seen the amazing work that they do, check out their website via the link below.

Australian National Veterans Arts Museum (

Sunset over Werribee South Beach

4. Apology Received & Moving Forward – This week, I received an apology and acknowledgement from my former husband about how he hurt me whilst he struggled with his transition from the British Forces. For 9 years he has struggled with his transition, which was impacted largely by his refusal to accept help and support. This struggle, and his coping mechanisms eventually led to the breakdown of our marriage.

He recognises now in his own words how bitter and angry he was with the way his time with the Army ended, and how he channelled his hurt into hurting me. At the time, he saw my kindness, compassion and looking for the good in others and situations as ‘a weakness’.  As such, he felt that it was acceptable to try and destroy my values so that he wasn’t the only person hurting. He didn’t realise how much he hurt me throughout this period in time, although he never managed to destroy my values.  Ironically COVID, on his own with a companion pet has been cathartic for him, giving him time to reflect and start to heal, and that he can now move forward.

Sunset over Werribee South Beach

It was good to see glimpses of the person I first met over 15 years ago, and although that chapter is almost over once our divorce is through, I wish him all the best for the future. 

He also genuinely wants to see me happy as I move forward with my life, and hopes I meet someone who will genuinely care and appreciate me, and also that my hopes and plans for my career come to fruition. One thing he did say, was that he realises that kindness and compassion are not a weakness, but a strength, especially in the face of adversity.

For those people who work and support veteran transitions from the military regardless of country, please be aware, that support can be needed not only when first transitioning, but also, potentially further down the track when internal and external stressors, could impact on their life.


  1. Workflow – COVID-19 has impacted dramatically the workflow of my role this year, and it is difficult when for example other stakeholders  do not understand  for a variety of reasons how many additional steps go into completing tasks, and think in terms of pre-COVID-19 workflow output. I’m not in a unique situation. There are many employees globally, who face this lack of social emotional understanding on a daily basis.

Sunset over Werribee South Beach
  • Release of the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force (IGADF) Afghanistan Inquiry Findings – This was grim and sobering viewing of the press conference. My thoughts go out to the vast majority of the Australian Defence Force Community, both current and former serving personnel and their families, who have and continue to uphold the values of the Defence Force. My concern is that some civilian employers could potentially ‘tar the veteran community with the same brush’. This would be unfair, if the actions of a minority are attributed to the majority.

The ADF Civil Recognition Project site has information for employers explaining in clear non jargonistic language Defence values, & examples of skills an employee may have developed/demonstrated associated for different ranks.

Link for the Civil Recognition Project site:

From here you can navigate/toggle to the section for employers If anyone is feeling uncertain or feeling a sense of loss of hope for their career plans, please feel free to reach out to me and we can chat about how I can support you. I currently have capacity to support a few military members or veterans in a voluntary capacity.

Sunset over Werribee South Beach

Self-reflection involves paying attention to yourself and your world, and I know by engaging in this on a regular basis, it has helped, me to see this week that although the two key challenges listed above, felt overwhelming at times, there were actually more positive moments that far outweighed the challenges. By seeing this, it helps to reinforce the sense of Hope for my current and future plans.

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